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About Streamline Consulting

A business is not defined by its name or statutes. It is defined by the business mission. Only a clear definition of the mission and purpose for the organization makes possible clear and realistic business objectives.”

Peter S. Drucker : Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices ( New York, Harper Business 1974)

An organization’s vision, mission and values should be motivating and inspiring, but also strategic. It should align with the personal and intrinsic motivations so that the organizational vision, mission and values are shared , enhancing the motivation to achieve the strategic purpose of the business.

As Campbell and Yeung describe, motivation depends on the relationship between personal and organizational aspirations, the emotional commitment felt by people toward the company. ( “Creating a Sense of Mission”, Long Range Planning 24, no.4 , August 1991)

Streamline Consulting is about translating business aspirations into a vision and mission. While people and organizations can both have aspirations, there are important differences between the two types. Personal aspirations are (by definition) based on intrinsic motivations, but organizational aspirations are set by managers.

At Streamline Consulting we dream of an automotive market , where customer dedication is a two-way street. Brands are dedicated to customer service and customers are dedicated to the brand.

This is why we strongly believe in our mission to continuously innovate the automotive benchmark for an engaged and responsive customer service.

The culture at Streamline Consulting is one of integrity, passion , perseverance, respect and quality.

At Streamline Consulting we can help you to develop a mission, to work as a compass to guide the development of the customer’s decision journey.

Electrification, online sales, connected vehicles, drop in visits both showroom and workshop, …

Our sector will go through some major changes this decade and these changes will have an impact on your business model.

The only way to face these changes is to set a strong customer advocay achieved by a solid customer service.

Contact us today to learn how.

To continuously innovate the automotive benchmark for an engaged and responsive customer service.

Mission of streamline consulting